CMS History

       At the beginning of the last century, some Chinese scholars came back from abroad and devoted themselves to establishing departments of mathematics in Chinese universities towards training young qualified mathematical scientists and advocating mathematical research in China.


       Till 1930’s, a group of scholars who were engaged in modern mathematics teaching and research was formed, among them HU Dunfu, FENG Zuxun, HIONG King-Lai, CHEN Kien-Kong, CHIANG Li-Fu, YANG Ko-Chuen, SU Buchin, KIANG Tsai-Han et al were the leading scholars. At that time a group of mathematical talents appeared, of them excellent representatives were HUA Loo-Keng, CHERN Shiing-Shen and SHU Pao-Lu.


The Chinese Mathematical Society was founded in Shanghai in July, 1935. The inaugural meeting with 33 representatives was held at the library of Shanghai Jiaotong University from 25th through 27th of July, 1935. At the time of its founding, the society established the board of Trustees and the Council, staffed by HU Dunfu, FENG Zuxun, ZHOU Meiquan, CHIANG Li-Fu, HIONG King-Lai, CHEN Kien-Kong, SU Buchin, KIANG Tsai-Han, QIAN Baozong, FU Zhongsun, et al.


The Chinese Mathematical Society was originally located at the China Science Press, 533 Albert Road Shanghai. In 1949, it moved to Institute of Mathematics, and it is at Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing.


The Chinese Mathematical Society convened the first general assembly since 1949 in Beijing in August 1951, the second in Shanghai in February 1960, the third in Chengdu in Novermber 1978 and the fourth in Wuhan in October 1983. HUA Loo-Keng had been president for threee consecutive terms since the first assembly. At the fourth general assembly, HUA Loo-Keng, SU Buchin, KIANG Tsai-Han, WU Daren and KE Zhao were elected honorary presidents, while WU Wentsun was elected president. The presidents of the firth to the ninth of the Chinese Mathematical Society are WANG Yuan, YANG Lo, CHANG Kung Ching, MA Zhiming and WEN Lan, respectively.


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