General Information


The Chinese Mathematical Society (CMS), as a constituent society of the China Association for Science and Technology, is nongovernmental organization for Chinese mathematicians. The aim of the Chinese Mathematical Society is to unite the mathematical scholars throughout China to contribute to the advancement of science and technology, to further the development of mathematics and to promote cooperation and exchange of information among its members.


Over the past decades, the Chinese Mathematical Society has been pursuing its mission by organizing domestic and international academic exchanges, presiding over the publication of mathematical periodicals, undertaking activities for the promotion of mathematical education, providing advisory services and disseminating mathematics knowledge, approving and encouraging the members with outstanding achievements.


At present the Chinese Mathematical Society has over 50,000 individual members. It plays a very important role in the fields of mathematical researches and mathematical education.


The current president (from 2008-2011) is MA Zhiming, and the vice presidents are CHEN Zhiming, GONG Fuzhong, LI Anmin, LONG Yiming, WANG Shicheng, WU Zongming and Zhou Xiangyu. The general secretary is WANG Changping.